Legal practice

Together with a team of trusted, talented and experienced colleagues, I run an expert legal practice.

Ewa Wyszyńska


Legal practice is coordinated by Ewa Wyszyńska.

Attorney since 2012. She is a member of the Bar Association in Warsaw. She specializes in civil law, with a particular interest in the fields of insurance law, copyright, commercial law, protection of personal rights and corporate law. She also has experience in criminal matters, including matters related to the so-called white-collar crimes. As an attorney-at-law, she has many years of experience in conducting legal audits for companies, representing clients in civil and criminal trials and advising on unfair competition and consumer rights’ issues. She also has many years of experience in assisting entities from the insurance sector, including for regulatory and distribution matters. She graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Bialystok, after having successfully defended her Master’s thesis entitled „Conflict of freedom of speech with the right to privacy by doctrine and jurisprudence” and completed her post-graduate studies in Intellectual Property Law at the Jagiellonian University. In 2007, she was granted a scholarship by the Faculty of Law of the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. She passed the matriculation exam at St. Bernard High School in Saint Bernard, Louisiana, USA.

Michał Gajewski

Legal counsel

Michał Gajewski, legal counsel, graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Łódź. A graduate of postgraduate studies at the Warsaw School of Economics, faculty of business insurance. He has many years of experience in the area of business insurance, related to the shaping and optimisation of loss adjustment processes, litigation as well as press and copyright law. He specialises in conducting court proceedings for financial institutions, including voluntary and compulsory insurance, with particular emphasis on issues related to the representation of foreign insurance companies before Polish courts requiring the application of court practice and regulations of other EU countries and the UK.

We cooperate with a network of law firms all over the world on a daily basis, also thanks to the membership in the International Practice Group.

The activity in the insurance industry requires a comprehensive, highly specialised and advanced legal approach, combining technological innovation with legal security. We constantly strive for excellence, combining practice with science and creativity with legal comfort.

Insurance is our leading specialisation, which we practice with an unwavering passion. Thanks to many years of experience, extensive and constantly improving knowledge, we are able to help our clients in various aspects of insurance distribution, loss adjustment and dispute resolution in this field.


Our leading projects are:

Development and management of an insurance product

  • we help developing and adjusting the insurance documentation (GTC, KID, IPID, etc.) to the law
  • we implement processes related to product governance requirements
  • we advise on specialist insurance products such as cyber, BI and space insurance

Crimes in insurance

  • we represent insurers in criminal proceedings relating to insurance fraud,
  • we represent insurers in recourse proceedings,
  • we represent insurers in criminal proceedings in cases where they have the rights of the injured party.

Data protection in insurance

  • we audit the compliance of the personal data protection in insurance organisations
  • we prepare documentation on data protection
  • we help in case of a data protection incidents

Claims and disputes

  • we advise in the process of loss adjustment, including handling claims and complaints
  • we represent parties in insurance disputes
  • we act as arbitrator in insurance and reinsurance disputes
  • we advise on specialist insurance such as cyber, BI and space insurance

Insurance distribution structures

  • we advise in building sales networks, contractual relations between insurance distributors and avoiding conflicts of interest
  • we construct and consult distribution documentation, distribution strategies, etc. in terms of compliance

Cross-border relations

  • we advise insurers and intermediaries in building cross-border distribution structures
  • we work with a network of law firms around the world to help with day-to-day cross-border activities as well as with cross-border damage management.
  • we represent foreign insurers in disputes in Poland
  • we coordinate the service of Polish distributors by foreign lawyers